I am Luke, an über crazy nerd! I let my creativity soar me to new heights. Deeply involved in music and technology, I love to code, animate, and create interactive media across a plethora of mediums.

I am currently enrolled as a freshman computer engineering major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have had an avid interest in Apple products, ever since I could remember. My absorption of technology has only increased over the years. I first started to learn coding by designing my profile on Neopets at a mere age of 11, and realized that what I was doing could actually be applied into real web design. I continually created more and more complex web pages, with attaining many milestones including creating a web-based content management system, a user accounts system and several full-force web applications. Besides coding and programming, I have put my video and photography skills to the test, producing podcasts, and taking some pretty awesome photos with just camera on my iPhone. In high school, I was actively involved in many clubs that harnessed the power of technology and logic, such as starting and being part of a nationally-ranked robotics team. I also had the experience to form my own team, Vortechs, which develops graphics and animations for a sports display board for football games. It was only natural that I would apply for a similar job at the collegiate level, I applied and currently am a student intern at HuskerVision. Besides technology, I have developed an enormous enjoyment of music and I work to incorperate it into every possible aspect of my life. I play several instruments including piano and trombone.